Gym Quotes

Pain is weakness leaving the body
I don't care about being big and strong, I just want to look good naked
Cartwheels are more fuel efficient way to travel
Exercise... the poor person's plastic surgery
If it were easy then everyone will look like this
I'm in no shape to exercise
I may be fat but I'm slow
I keep Trying to lose weight , but it keeps finding me
Of course I'm in shape . Isn't Round a Shape?

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San Diego's Premier Personal Trainer for Women

Nikol Klein
Del Mar, California 92014 (within 30 miles)
Nikol Klein, a Pittsburgh Pennsylvania native, has been actively involved in the fitness industry from an early age. Nikol's career started as a Professional Ballet Dancer which has shaped her philosophy as a Personal Trainer.

Voted #1 Personal Trainers in Orange County

Corey Beasley
Del Mar, California 92014 (within 30 miles)
Innnovative Results has been voted #1 personal training company in Orange County for 2 years ina row and was recnetly profiled in OC Metro as one the top companies in Orange County to work for. Bottom line, we help clients get the results they desire.